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Shidco folding chair

If you are looking for high quality chairs, high strength and beautiful appearance for indoor arrangement, outdoor spaces such as your yard, garden or work environment, Shidco folding multifunctional chair will be a perfect choice for you. Using this chair will solve the problem of your lack of space to a great extent and will bring a special order to your work and living environment.

How to sit in a confined space

How can I put a chair in my small balcony?

Sitting is not always possible in every places. But what can we do if we want to sit in a small balcony, enjoying the scene and the weather? The solution that is considered by Shidco company is producing folding chair. Just open it and sit where you like, then fold the chair and put it in a corner of your balcony. It takes up little space in both opened and closed modes. This product is used for every outdoor and indoor places.