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Introducing managers and members

I, Amir Hossein Shams, CEO of Shidco, proudly declare that the friendship and brotherhood of the Shidco family is the result of the cooperation and perseverance of all hard-working, active and conscientious personnel in difficult conditions. This cooperation in the country’s educational equipment industry is surprisingly exemplary. All managers of Shidco in all departments are interested in creating, planning, implementing and integrating the strategic paths of the organization and in this regard, use all their efforts and skills. Shidco executives are fully aware of the internal and external competitive environment and in this regard, are always identifying and finding development opportunities for the company, identifying customers, target market and analyzing them.
The two principles of honesty and transparency, in addition to organizational goals, are among the main criteria of personality, ethics and behavioral characteristics of each of Shidco’s forces.

Our Team

Top managers and executives at Shidco Company believe that the success and profitability of an organization always depends on the committed, talented, professional and responsible human resources of that group. Shidco Company has tried to make the best and most specialized human resources in different parts of the organization. This specialized and professional team, due to the suitable background provided by Shidco Company, tries to turn their potential talents into real field and take the path to success together with their other colleagues. By providing a completely friendly and dynamic environment, Shidco has created a good sense of learning and teamwork in its staff. The interactive and intimate work environment in Shidco is such that people can measure their abilities in different fields and gain the necessary expertise in different fields. Shidco Training Equipment Company, as a cohesive and growing organization, always pays attention to the job satisfaction and security of its staff and puts the issue of their development and training on its agenda. The managers and officials of Shidco Company are fully committed to their organizational forces and human resources, and this factor has led to the loyalty of all personnel to the company.

What are the main features of human resources and staff of Shidco?

1- Shidco staff has a dynamic and hard-working spirit and always eagerly welcomes new challenges in their work. These people believe that workplace challenges are factors that contrive gaining experience and increasing their skills.
2- Shidco company personnel always follow their ideas with great motivation and do not give up any effort in order to realize those ideas.

Benefits of being with Shidco family

If you are a responsible and creative person and you welcome new opportunities and challenges, Shidco is looking for someone like you! At Shidco, you can experience the joy of working with a creative and dynamic team. In this company, you will be able to experience a lively and dynamic work environment by working with people who are looking to achieve great goals. If you are thinking big, join Shidco.
We hire the best and provide the best career path for their ideals to flourish. There is always room for improvement at the Shidco Training Equipment Factory; The company provides the ground for the growth and prosperity of its staff, because Shidco believes that the growth of any organization depends on the progress and job satisfaction of all its employees.

The path of personnel development in Shidco

In Shidco, the work routine and career path are defined based on the potentials of individuals, and job descriptions for each individual are compiled and provided to them according to their level of abilities and skills.
Based on a regular and planned system, the performance of each staff member is reviewed, controlled and monitored daily and weekly. According to the reports obtained from the results of inspections and operations by the company’s control unit, the necessary instructions are provided to eliminate the defects and deficiencies. Where necessary, samples of modified affairs and planning plans for future progress will be communicated to personnel by managers.