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Shidco greenboard

One of the important features of Shidco greenboard is that writing by chalk on this greenboard is very easy and the chalk trace does not remain on the board. Also it has excellent cleaning ability. It should be mentioned that the world’s technologies have been used to design the surface of the greenboard in this company. The surface of these boards has a special roughness that makes the chalk writes on the board very soft and smooth. The roughness of the board causes it to absorb the chalk, so that it does not slip on the board. On the other hand, special paints with special formulations have been used to cover the surface of the greenboard, so that after writing with chalk, its traces can be easily removed from the board, without damaging the surface of the board. With this design, you no longer have to worry about annoying noises and scratches caused by writing chalk on non-standard boards in the classroom.