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Shidco Whiteboard

The first series of whiteboards made of galvanized steel were very expensive. On the other hand, they were relatively heavy, so their purchase was limited. Cheaper models of these boards were designed and marketed from lighter materials such as chipboard or special laminate boards. The covers were usually made of polyester or acrylic. This feature makes it easy to remove marker traces from the board.

We are currently witnessing the production of various types of whiteboards with advanced technology, high quality and safe raw materials, and are being provided to educational institutions.
تخته وایت برد کلاسیک


تخته وایت برد آلفا شیدکو


تخته وایت برد تابا


تخته وایت برد دلتا
Do you know what we do in Shidco company when it comes to lack of purity while cleaning the whiteboard?
It is simple. We produce whiteboards using special magnetic sheets which are specifically designed to be used in whiteboards. Being evenness and slick in the surface makes the whiteboards be cleaned easily with no marker trace remaining. Since these sheets are certified by SGS standard, we have lots of foreign clients from other countries like Iraq, Pakistan, Oman and other countries.
Is it a problem for you to receive the products late?
Getting your order from Iran makes it easier and faster to have the products you want. So just tell us what you need. Producing and delivering the products to all over the world is not a concern anymore. Actually we can deliver your order less than a month and even in only 15 days.

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