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Shidco, Iran's top innovator in education

Shidco school supplier Factory, as one of the largest factories designing and producing educational, university and school equipment in the country, relying on specialized knowledge and more than 4 decades of experience, has been able to provide the best and highest quality products in the field of equipment, design and market educational and office supplies for universities and schools. By producing and providing a wide range of educational goods, the company has been able to meet the needs of this segment of society and evoke a pleasant experience of innovation and quality in the learning process for consumers.
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Shidco whiteboard marker with high cleaning power
High text length

Shidco whiteboard

  • Beautiful appearance
  • Extremely high power to be cleaned
  • Ability to install hidden screws in the corners
  • Magnetic properties
  • Extruded and anodized aluminum frames
  • Design of frames in three models: Classic, Alpha and Taba

Shidco fiberglass chair

  • The highest level of ergonomics and comfort of the seat and backrest
  • Very strong and durable skeleton
  • Having a functional basket for holding books and papers
  • Very strong handles and bases
  • MDF handle with a weight bearing capacity of 150 kg
  • Having a special hook for hanging bags
  • Produced in gray, brown and crimson colors
What is going on in Shidco!

Shidco whiteboard marker

  • Very long writing length
  • Increasing the thickness of the writing
  • handy
  • Unique engineering design
  • Ultra high cleaning power
  • Designed based on ergonomic principles

The after-sales service team of Shidco

Educational Equipment Complex is an independent, specialized and comprehensive unit that professionally constantly monitors the concerns and needs of the customers of this complex. Relying on the efforts of this expert staff, we can be sure to meet the needs, suggestions and criticisms of our valued customers from the Shidco company or our products.
We will contact you as soon as possible and within the next 24 hours.
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