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Engineering drawing table and light table

One of the most practical products of Shidco, which is used to draw engineering designs, is the Shidco engineering drawing table. This table is produced in the direction of light table with professional design. Engineering drawing tables and Shidco light tables are produced according to ergonomics principles and educational standards as well as international standards. Due to the fact that Shidco is an innovative company, it has launched the product of engineering drawing table with professional initiative and design.

Engineering drawing table

You know that for every architect, drawing table and light table play an important role in their job and the quality of their work. But the architects main concern is the lack of matchable between the height of the person and the height of the table. The idea Shidco company has come up with is to design a table with the ability to adjust the height and slope of the table according to the person’s height. This is why almost all the people use Shidco drawing and light table in Iran and a lot of other countries in the world.